How To Find The Best Dry Dog Food For Yorkies

Sticky Post Posted on August 21, 2017 by in General

Having a pet means being responsible for their well-being. That means finding the right food and making that food part of your regular grocery list to make sure your pet eats well and stays healthy. Certain foods can be very appealing to the canine population, but they may not be healthy. Meanwhile, some really healthy foods that provide a lot of nutrition to your pet may be a no-go because your dog does not appreciate the smell or taste of that food. It is important to make sure your dog likes the food you are feeding them, so they eat enough on a daily basis to be healthy and active. Below are some factors that might influence your choice of food for your dog, as the right food in one category may not be the best food for your picky pooch.

Dog Food that Keeps the Coat Shiny

Certain foods are made with the small dog in mind. This means including Omega 3 fatty acids to keep the coat looking shiny. It also means higher protein content and a balance of carbohydrates and fats to make sure your pet is getting the appropriate amounts for their dietary needs. Yorkies are active dogs, and they need to have sufficient calories to keep them moving without causing health issues.

best dry dog food for yorkies

Dog Food that is Easier to Chew

This can be important for small dogs like Yorkies. Their small mouths make eating certain dry foods awkward if not nearly impossible. When you shop for food for your adult Yorkie, you need to try and make sure the pieces will be small enough to make eating the food easy for your furry friend.

Look for Certain Additives

The best dry dog food for yorkies may well be a food that has fatty acids and glucosamine added. These help keep your pet healthy and allow them to be active with less pain, as glucosamine helps improve joint health in older dogs.

Taste and Smell Can Make a Difference

Dogs can be picky, just like people. Yorkies are no exception. Your dog may like the smell of certain foods, or it may prefer the taste of a certain dry food over another. While that may seem strange, since a lot of the hard food for dogs looks similar, the truth is that a dog’s sense of smell is very strong, so each type of food can smell very different. That is why it happens to be a process of trial and error to find the food that your dog likes. Once you find the right food, it is a good idea to get into the habit of keeping some on hand at all times. That way, if your local grocery store runs out, you have some to get you through until they are restocked. Switching foods on your dog once you find the one they prefer can impact their health.

Some types of dog food cease production because they are not popular among the canine-owner population. If you happen to be feeding your dog one of these foods, it can be frustrating to have to go through the trial and error process again. However, try to find the food that matches the previous food closely. That may help your dog transition with the least amount of issues.